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FIT-60 (English)

Welcome to the Flexibility Index Test; the FIT-60.

The FIT is a tool whereby how psychological flexible you are can be assessed. This flexibility determines how you deal with difficult thoughts, feelings and (physical) experiences. The more flexible someone is the easier it is to deal with the unpleasant experiences one comes across. The flexibility measured here is defined by the presence of the six key components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Acceptance; Defusion; Self as Context; Present Moment; Values; and Committed Action. The FIT gives a total score on Psychological Flexibility (Flexibility Index Score) as well as a score for all six ACT sub-scales.

The FIT consists of 60 statements. Read each statement carefully and then indicate how far this statement is applicable to you. Don’t think for too long but give your first reaction. The higher the number you choose, the more the statement applies to you (6=completely agree). The lower the number you choose, the less the statement applies to you (0=completely disagree). There are no correct nor incorrect answers.

Authors FIT-60: Batink, T., Jansen, G., De Mey, H.R.A. (2012).

For more information mail to info@hoeflexibelbenjij.nl.


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